Catastrophic Injuries

Los Angeles, California

Any type of accident can result in personal injury and require legal assistance for proper compensation. However, when your accident results in a catastrophic injury, swift and aggressive legal action is necessary to ensure your rights are protected and you are provided with the full compensation you will need to recover to the best of your abilities.

Catastrophic injuries are those that can permanently alter your life. This may include physical or mental limitations in addition to an inability to work or interact socially on the same level you did prior to your accident. Most catastrophic injuries will require both immediate and long-term medical care. They may necessitate home modifications, constant medical monitoring, and years of painful therapy to even begin to restore a portion of your previous abilities. These injuries demand experienced legal representation from a personal injury lawyer who knows how to get victims every penny they are due.

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Types of Catastrophic Injuries

Manhattan Beach personal injury lawyer Mickey Fine has successfully represented victims of catastrophic injuries including:

No matter what the cause of these injuries, they can have a profound impact on the victims life and they deserve to be addressed through aggressive legal action.

How We can Help

For over 25 years, Mickey Fine has been helping victims of catastrophic injury get maximum compensation. Working with an experienced team of legal professionals and consultants in a variety of fields, Mr. Fine can investigate your accident to identify all liable parties. Because we are a small firm, Mr. Fine works individually with each of our clients, allowing him to fully understand the many ways your injury will impact your life. With this information, our Los Angeles personal injury attorney can build a strong case on your behalf and take your claim as far as necessary to ensure you receive the compensation you will need to live the best life possible.

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