Brain Injuries

Los Angeles, California

There are two types of brain injuries that can be caused by accidents: Open and closed. An open brain injury occurs when brain tissue is pierced by a skull fracture or external object.  These catastrophic injuries expose the brain to the external environment which can lead to infection. In addition, open brain injuries can result in things such as coma, paralysis, dementia, seizures, and a permanent loss of cognitive functions.

Closed brain injures are common in things such as auto accidents where the head comes into violent contact with a hard surface. While there is no risk of exposure to external infections with closed brain injury, complications including memory loss, sensory interruptions, mood swings, and dizziness can continue to occur years after the initial impact.

Tragically, death is common with both types of brain injury. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, brain injury is a factor in over 30 percent of injury-related deaths in the United States.

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Recovering from Brain Injury

Victims of brain injury must seek medical assistance as soon as possible to minimize damage. Because the symptoms of brain injury may not be immediately present, it is vital that you seek medical assistance after any accident in which the head sustains trauma. In most cases, nothing can be done to reverse initial brain damage, but steps can be taken to prevent it from producing additional problems.

Treatment for brain injury may include emergency surgical intervention followed by induced coma or other medical treatments. Long-term recovery often requires a combination of expensive rehabilitation therapies along with medications and medical monitoring. In many cases, it will be impossible to fully recover after a brain injury.

The road to recovery following a brain injury is long and expensive. During this time, physical discomfort, emotional duress, and significant alterations to your work and social life can also take a heavy toll. Los Angeles personal injury lawyer Mickey Fine will assess the many ways your brain injury has and will continue to impact your life, and will fight aggressively to get you every penny you deserve.

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